We Want You to #SATYSAFE

In response to the global pandemic, we at SOXOS want to do our part in creating a safer world. We acknowledge that everyday life has changed, and we want to show that following public safety precautions doesn’t have to seem sterile and bleak. We are offering reusable non-medical grade masks that put comfort, safety, and fashion to the forefront. With our vivid graphics and styles, we aim to rally collective support for our essential workers and to remind us that we are all in this together. With that in mind, a portion of our profits will be donated to organizations that are combating COVID-19 and supporting our essential workers.

Our masks are made with an outside polyester layer as well as an inside cotton layer to provide optimal comfort and breathability. As for fitting, we offer two sizes that accommodate both children and adults. Each mask is equipped with adjustable straps that help reduce strain throughout the day. The masks also feature a flexible metal nose bridge strip that helps mould and retain a tighter seal.

Each mask is provided with two disposable filters that consist of five-layers of protection: 2 Anti-stick cloths, 2 Filter cloths, and 1 Activated Carbon layer. The activated carbon layer is essential in the filtration process as it keeps out a variety of airborne contaminants, odors, dust, smoke, and pollen. As the masks are reusable, we recommend that they are machine or hand washed to maintain cleanliness.